ESE Students at Park Vista Lead Recycling

ESE Students at Park Vista High Take the Lead in Campus Recycling Efforts
Posted on 05/12/2022
Students involved in recycling

Twenty-five Exceptional Student Education (ESE) students at Park Vista Community High School have a passion for keeping their campus pristine throughout the year. If anyone were to ask these dedicated kids, they would likely all say that campus clean up is not just for special events, but something they are proud to do every day.

“Our students look forward to contributing not only to the campus, but to the wellness of our community by tackling this recycling effort,” said James Donahue, ESE Instructor/Autism Specialist at Park Vista High who spearheads the effort.

Every morning, the students collect recyclables by hitting specific sections of the campus in phases, a process repeated throughout the week. This approach ensures all areas are covered. Recently, the school added more recycling bins to service the needs of their sizable campus.

“The number of bins that we are able to fill has quickly jumped to over five times the original amount per week,” said William Clark, a teacher at the school who also supervises the daily collection. 

At the end of each clean up, all material is consolidated into massive bins to be picked up by the Solid Waste Authority. The goal of the program is to create responsible habits and encourage students to care for the environment. Additionally, participating students acquire specific job skills, as every task and action is integrated into their classroom curriculum for reinforcement.

The school’s Principal Dr. Enrique Vela couldn’t be happier with the positive impact the students have made on campus. “This awesome group of kids take great pride in keeping Park Vista clean with their recycling efforts,” he said. “That’s why their motto is, every day is Earth Day!”