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Mrs. Bergeron

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Welcome to Intensive Reading! 

Our goal is to help each student learn, practice and master the reading skills and strategies necessary to become a more motivated and successful reader.  With plans to better engage and motivate students, we will be using “Reading Plus” software.  The “Reading Plus” program provides opportunities for instruction in reading comprehension and vocabulary as well as providing a tool for assessment.  Moreover, students can choose high interest topics while being exposed to a wide range of genres. Our aim is to raise students reading levels in challenging ways. 

We will be practicing SAT/ACT test taking strategies in our classes.   We encourage each 10th, 11th & 12th grade student to register and take the SAT/ACT Test.  Students will be able to meet FSA graduation requirements by earning a concordant score in the reading section of the SAT/ACT.  There is a fee associated with the registration.  Students who are eligible for fee waivers will be receiving them from guidance.  Students who do not meet the fee waiver requirements will be asked for payment by credit/debit card.  The fee can be paid during registration at home.  You will know the student has completed the registration process by receiving a ticket which is printed out after payment and registration is completed.  We encourage you to converse with your student about this process and check for completion by reviewing their ticket.

For more information go to WWW.SAT.ORG  and  WWW.ACT.ORG

We are looking forward to a successful year!