Finn, Jenna


Jenna Finn
AICE Global Perspectives and Research

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I'm energetic, enthusiastic and I love my job! This is my 11th year in the classroom; I have taught grades 9-12, all levels and abilities. I love my husband, my three cats, lifting weights, running, reading,  listening to podcasts, and cooking. 

I believe that AICE Global Perspectives and Research is an important class for my students because it will offer them the opportunity to learn more about the world around them, as well as prepare them for college by focusing on college level skills (such as evaluating and selecting appropriate research, writing academically focused papers with proper APA citations, and engaging in discussions on important global issues with those who may have differing opinions). 

“With the many diverse electronic platforms available this year, we feel it is imperative to clarify a few issues.  Please note that Google Classroom is for students only. Google Classroom is an assignment management platform for posting, submitting, and grading of assignments.  Parents can keep informed of assignments via Google Classroom Guardian Summaries and should NOT join the class through the code. If interested in receiving Guardian Summaries, please email me. Thank you for your cooperation and your interest in your child's performance.“